My name is Corentin Moussard, as a designer I go by the name Alune. I build digital products during the day and expand my passion for alternative and brutalist stuff at night. You can find me talking about user-interface design here (in french). I do love to watch and understand how things move to create animations. I created a blog called ppdo, it's collaborative and it's about design. If you are interested in reading a few lines about my experiences, how I work and what I use to work you can do it here. If you want to contact me, you can write me an e-mail at ūüíĆ


Deolan branding, product design, font-end

Clojure Paris branding, font-end

Objet Papier branding, front-end, motion

Please Type Well concept, design, front-end

Pre Post Sex concept, design, front-end

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Deolan Visit project
branding, product design, font-end

Deolan is a company making digital solutions for the air transport industry. I was their head of design for three years, it gave me the chance to design the company’s brand system from scratch in order to unify their communication. My main role was then to design their product called Clip, a collaborative platform bringing seamless communication between the stakeholders of the industry. I intervened in every part of the process, from meeting with clients and understand their problems, to designing the features and the interface. I also worked on the front-end, this way I got familiar with React and React Native, which was a great technical experience.

Clojure Paris Visit project
branding, font-end

Clojure Paris is community regrouped around the Clojure programming language. They organize workshops and meetups in Paris. I created their branding and website, around the Clojure syntax and the lambda character, symbole of the language.

Objet Papier Visit project
branding, front-end, motion

Objet Papier is a micro edition label created by Ronan¬†Deshaies and Morgane¬†Bartoli. The concept is collaborative, so every issue is made by one or more artists, everytime exploring the label‚Äôs guideline‚ÄČ: relations between printed, analogic and numeric mediums. We created the label‚Äôs visual Identity and website with Morgane, we wanted to find a way to express the relations between these mediums, from emulating crambled paper in vector to actualy scanning photocopies of the issues to display it on the website. All the experimentations were a realy fun part of the process.

Please Type Well Visit project
concept, design, front-end

Please Type Well is a website about typographic guidelines. It’s creation came from the frustration of seeing basic typographic mistakes in everyday life communication. It was also a chance for me to go through the Lexique des règles typographiques en usage à l’imprimerie nationale from top to bottom. Feel free to send me an email if you have any suggestion, if you see a mistake or anything else.

Pre Post Sex Visit project
concept, design, front-end

Pre Post Sex is a part of Our own private Internet, it’s about someone’s needs to capture private moments after sharing intimacy with someone else. We designed and developped it over a weekend with Sixtyne Perez and Morgane Bartoli. Our goal was to represent the feeling you can get of never happening and never ending at the same time. Trying to capture our emotions through repeating experiences, good and bad.