My name is Corentin Moussard, I work on digital product design. I'm currently UX lead on Electre Data Services' new platform.

In the future you'll find my work on my company's website Taxi Nuage (under construction). My motion design work is on Vimeo. I talked about Interfaces and Domain Driven Design at Ventes Privées, watch the video here (in french).

I'm invested in a micro-press label called Objet Papier with Ronan Deshaies, Morgane Bartoli and Juliette Bernachot. Our latest release is a magazine printed from a website called Print-it, it's generative so each print is unique. Check out the project, the code, the font we designed for the project and finally the press release explaining everything. We're presenting the project in multiple events accross europe during 2019. Follow us on social media to find out more.

Websites I made
Electre Data Services Design and Code
Fabien Joly Design and Code
Deolan Design, Code and Branding
Tabibito Shiatsu Design, Code and Branding

Personnal projects
Pre Post Sex w/ Sixtyne Perez and Morgane Bartoli
Please Type Well

You can contact me at, and find me on Instagram and Gitlab.

tl;dr I design and code, call me some time.