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Offer a better customer experience

Align services for all passengers
Your B2B passengers deserves the same level of services as B2C passengers. Thanks to Deolan solutions your airline can align these services like e-Ticketing, ancillary services and flight alerts.

Smooth integration
To facilitate B2B passengers’ management Deolan Data Platform provides consolidated airline passenger lists, seat trade and post flight reconciliation.

Guarantee the integrity of your data

Data monitoring and rectification service
Deolan runs multiple processes to detect missing lists, missing passenger names or inconsistent data. Our operation team takes all appropriate actions to ensure your business continuity.

24/7 hotline for all of your support needs
Our dedicated team is composed by expert and knowledgeable personnel. They are available 24/7 to make sure that every questions or issues in your day to day operations will be solved.

Quick and easy implementation of innovative services

Agile solutions
Thanks to agile Deolan Platform you can design and prototype innovative services. Your digital projects will be developed in days rather than years.

Services diversity
Thanks to our Platform capability to process any type of data, you can create many form of services. It could be implemented at any point in your value chain, such as Sales, Catering, Airport Operations, In-Flight or post-Flight. The limit is your imagination.