A collaboration platform for air transport teams to connect, drive productivity and enhance the customer experience

A centralised platform for logging and recording events

End-of-shift reporting is quick and simple with a single platform where operations teams can record and share details of their shifts. Logbook is simple to archive and easily searchable, due to modern timeline and tagging features, similar to those used in social networks.

Plug and play Easy and quick set-up with no training required

Intuitive tagging Fast and efficient data entry enriched with tags

Export View, send and share records in a variety of formats including mail and SMS

Search events and data quickly and easily

Respond to complaints quickly and effectively with Logbook’s centralised platform and tagging system. Greater accessibility and searchability means no more time wasted trawling through cumbersome emails and Word reports.

Tracking Instant recovery of information about a specific flight or other event

Archives Structured archiving of operational logs and reports

Powerful analytics Identify areas for efficiency and service improvements

Immediate benefits through collaboration and sharing

Interact, collaborate and the exchange qualitative information between teams, with one intuitive interface and streamlined flow of data. Operations teams spend less time managing their mailboxes, for improved productivity and visibility of the most relevant information.

One day to 15 minutes Reduce flight investigation, centralization and archiving

Two weeks to two days Decrease instruction and procedural interaction logging

Three hours to 30 minutes Shrink shift reporting and handover transmissions